• New Orleans, Louisiana

    New Orleans, Louisiana

  • Xavier Convocation Center

    Xavier Convocation Center

  • Inside Xavier Convocation Center

    Inside Xavier Convocation Center

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        We are a competitive professional men’s basketball team providing opportunities for players throughout the United States and Overseas. We perpetuate change, growth and expansion. We plan to establish our organization here in New Orleans, across the nation, and worldwide. We emphasize development of skill and talent in athleticism, spirituality, and career. We will create a fun and entertaining atmosphere for families and sports fans to enjoy highly-skilled, fast-paced basketball. We will develop and nurture relationships with our community schools, churches, and parks by establishing unique programs tailored to each individual audience. The New Orleans Cougars stress education and hard work as the basis for success in basketball and life. We plan to help our community through charity games and fundraising. The players will get opportunities to showcase their talents through exhibition and season games gaining media exposure and footage for future career advancement. Community businesses will have opportunities to advertise their products and services through advertisement in programs, at games, and through public announcements. Businesses will be allowed special advantages at games through sponsorship award recognition packages. We will always welcome community involvement in the advancement of the New Orleans Cougars and future success!